Riccardo Osti, Wonderflow

Riccardo Osti, Wonderflow

CEO at Wonderflow: the world’s best consumer feedback analysis platform. In the last years, I have helped more than 20 of the Fortune 1000 to become consumer-centric and dramatically increase their profitability. Today I lead a global team of 80+ collaborators across 10 countries.I am expert in data-driven innovation, data science, and AI. I talk about these topics at global conferences such as CeBit, World Summit AI, and IIeX. I am also a mentor for AI and Web programs at Rockstart Accelerator.

How to Transform Consumer Feedback into Actionable Insights

I would deep dive into the key reason why, for todays’ innovators, is essential to integrate consumer data into their day-to-day and strategic decisions. Afterward, I would describe how to get started with NLP/text analysis to interpret consumer data (texts), and use them to improve product, marketing and customer care.


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