Rachel Lawes, Lawes Consulting

Rachel Lawes, Lawes Consulting

Dr. Rachel Lawes is the author of some of the earliest published papers in semiotics. She states, I’m proud to have been involved at a time when it was first emerging in the UK. I use it, and my academic background in social science, to rejuvenate brands, innovate products and services and steer comms. I conduct research projects using semiotics, ethnography and discourse analysis. I deliver training for client side and agency users. I supply consultancy to ad agencies and large branding agencies. I work with universities because I love to teach.

Understand Emotion Using Semiotics

This session offers a completely new perspective on emotion. It uses an approach that delivers fresh, practical insights about what emotion is and how consumers use it to make sense of their own experiences and manage their relationships. It is empirical and refreshingly different. The key to this new take on emotion is semiotics. Semiotics is the study of consumer culture, which it accesses by studying signs and symbols – words, visual images and even things like sound effects, architecture and other features of built environments. Brands love semiotics because its ability to decode consumer culture helps them master social trends and the needs of specific demographics, while its facility with language, visual signs and the other building blocks of communication feed directly into the design of products, services and customer experiences.


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