Laila Sternberg, TomTom

Laila Sternberg, TomTom

As a management team member of TomTom Consumer Laila is leading customer centric product propositions and marketing communications.

With over 8 years of marketing experience in Consumer Electronics on agency and industry side, she is convinced by the power and efficiency of data driven, full funnel marketing based on customer insights and experiments. As Head of global Marketing, Laila is defining and implementing product and brand strategies to achieve brand and growth targets. She is successfully managing global product marketing and communication teams in the fast paced Consumer Electronics business environment, where it’s essential to learn fast and achieve more in order to persist and ultimately grow. Therefor Laila is on a mission to combine data with her instinct to take the best possible decision. But bottom line, Laila loves to get things done.

How to transform consumer feedback into actionable insights

For todays’ innovators, it is essential to integrate consumer data into day-to-day and strategic decisions. We discuss the challenge and how to get started with natural language processing (NLP)/text analysis, to interpret consumer data (texts), and use them to improve product, marketing and customer care.


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