Karen Williams, Tribe Communications

Karen Williams, Tribe Communications

With twenty years of in-house experience at director level and more than a decade agency-side, Karen loves exploring new ways of helping Tribe’s clients to get a buzz from achieving their business goals. An all-rounder, with deep experience of marketing communications, PR and media evaluation, Karen is multi-lingual and has a global CV, with experience across many sectors including financial services, professional services, alcoholic beverages, education, manufacturing and media. She is passionate about developing strategies that create competitive advantage by using insight intelligently, from planning to implementation and evaluation.

How Emotional Insights Shape Strategy for Marketing Communications and Reputation Management

Emotional analysis helps clients understand which marketing activities are actually building brand engagement, purchase consideration and brand equity. One example is a global beverages brand, which wanted to compare response to various elements of a global campaign over several years. It is also used to identify ‘undercurrents’ affecting customer experience. For example, a major sofa manufacturer wanted to gauge consumer reaction to its models as expressed in online reviews.

Karen will discuss:

• Why traditional approaches to ‘sentiment’ evaluation often lead to poor business decision-making
• Emotional analysis examples from client projects including online media content, reviews and social platforms
• How emotion helps to drive online engagement for organisations, brands and issues – influencing the audience at a point in time when they are genuinely interested in the content and thereby helping to shape opinions and influence behaviour


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