Rafal Ohme, Digital Emotions

Rafal Ohme, Digital Emotions

Professor at the Business School of the Stellenbosh University in Cape Town (South Africa). Expert in the field of emotions. Worldwide pioneer in applied neuroscience. Board Member of the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (2012-2018), co-author of “The Code of Ethical Conduct in Consumer Neuroscience Research”. A founder of DIGITAL EMOTIONS – a smart tech company which creates digital solutions to better understand others and oneself.

The Benefits of Explicit/Implicit Hyper-Personalization

Traditional efforts to personalize CX use declarative measures ie. rational or EXPLICIT self-reports on emotions and needs of a consumer. However to enhance CX we should recognize preferences, expectations or desires he/she is not always aware of. The indirect or IMPLICIT measures known as RESPONSE TIME are resistant to cognitive biases or defense mechanisms and are popular in social psychology and neurocognition. They help to better understand emotions or sensitive topics otherwise distorted by conformity, political correctness or social desirability. Thanks to integration of explicit & implicit we uncover what customers truly want and what truly motivates them.

The other challenge is the HYPER-PERSONALIZATION, so that customers’ feedback is collected and addressed in real-time, while shopping, working or having fun. Such dynamically adaptive explicit/implicit personalization helps to learn for instance: What mood you are truly in right now? Is your risk tolerance regular or dangerously elevated? Are you strong enough to continue your diet, or the crisis is coming up but you are not aware of it? What color of lipstick will improve your mood and make you feel more confident today? What car features are key, “eco-friendly” as you declare or “elegant” maybe? What communication style to take to turn your routine visit into a pleasant experience?

Explicit/implicit hyper-personalization needs a modern data processing architecture – the system of intelligence with response time algorithms, machine learning and engaging UX. It is a SMART TECH device packed with neuroscience, modern psychology and mathematics.


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