Emanuele Di Rosa, App2Check

Emanuele Di Rosa, App2Check

Dr. Di Rosa is currently Chief Technology Officer at App2Check, company dedicated to design and develop AI/NLP based software, focused on Customer Experience Analytics and Chatbots. Here, He leads a team of data scientists and software engineers to develop AI-based products and supports big companies’ analysts working on CX Analytics. He is co-author of 20 scientific papers published by international peer-reviewed international journals/conferences/workshops/doctoral consortiums in the fields of Automated Reasoning, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

CX Insights Discovery: Extract Useful Customer Insights from Public Opinion Sources

Dr Di Rosa is going to present a methodology for driving the process of extracting meaningful insights from multiple textual sources and helping to share and re-use the same analysis patterns across different company departments.

In order to support this methodology with objective evidence, he is going to present 2 business cases covering the TELCO and Sportswear industries, focusing on the analysis of public reviews and comments on both physical shops and online company channels (e.g. mobile apps, e-commerce website, social profiles, etc). The analysis has been realized through the App2Check Voice of the Customer Analytics platform.


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