David Johnson, Decooda

David Johnson, Decooda

David Johnson is Founder and President and CEO of Decooda. Decooda’s vision for delivering CX excellence has been framed by David’s obsession to understand and predict consumer behaviors in real-time at web-scale. He has assembled an interdisciplinary team of experts that specialize in big data, linguistics, cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence to understand the root cause of consumer behavior and its impact on business outcomes.

Emotions Drive Behavior

Customers’ emotions can often get lost in the shuffle today with all the hype and focus on big data and AI. But the fundamental truth about people is that emotions drive behavior. So, understanding how people feel, and why, is essential for creating deep, satisfying brand experiences.

Measuring both the affective (sentiment and emotions) and cognitive drivers (personas, performance, purchase path and topics ) provides a deep understanding of why consumers feel the way they feel. Ultimately predicting the behaviors or actions customers will take in the future.


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