Dan Somers, Warwick Analytics

Dan Somers, Warwick Analytics

Dan is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Warwick Analytics and previously founder and CEO of managed services provider VC-Net. He’s also a partner with the venture capital firm Boundary Capital and sits on the board of other software and life science businesses. He was formerly a management consultant with LEK Consulting and holds an MA in Chemical Engineering and a Diploma in Business Studies both from Cambridge University.

Emotion Engineering: Using Root Causes Analysis for Customer Satisfaction

The proliferation of brands connecting with customers through social media has put customers closer to brands than ever before. The real-time element of the interaction ensures it is a prime opportunity to understand what emotionally drives customers, their loyalty, or forces them to churn. Current social listening tools do a fantastic job of capturing and presenting that information to enterprises, but are not often equipped to capture granular concepts, actionable insight, or emotional intent. Dan Somers of Warwick Analytics will present how the next generation of AI utilising a ‘Human-in-the-Loop’ can supercharge enterprises insights from social media, provide a better customer experience, and uncover hidden factors leading to a reduction in customer advocacy, and an increase in churn. Warwick Analytics have used this approach in their wide-spanning market research to identify how one UK bank could prevent £240m of churn simply by applying complex concept, sentiment, and intent analysis.


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