Charles Nduka, Emteq

Charles Nduka, Emteq

Charles Nduka is a technologist, and medic developing wearable emotion sensing devices for VR & AR. A winner of multiple academic and innovation awards and holder of multiple patents, Charles sees a future where people are able to make decisions based on qualitative data based on new, more accurate context-aware sensing technologies.

Optimising Emotion Sensing for the Next Computing Platform: AR and VR

Most agree that the face provides the richest source of information about a person’s emotional status and intent. Camera based facial tracking software is widely available, and numerous companies are offering solutions to categorise emotions based solely on facial appearance. These solutions will not work where the face is obscured by head-mounted displays, which creates an opportunity for new approaches. Context-aware wearables offer tremendous promise to revolutionise our interactions in immersive platforms. We will discuss the challenges as well as potential applications in entertainment, training, and healthcare


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